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What airlines fly boeing 737 max?

In North America, six major carriers currently operate MAX 8 Aircraft, including: AeroMexico, Air Canada, American, WestJet, Norwegian and Southwest. United and COPA fly other variants of the 737 MAX, but not the MAX 8.

With 34 MAX 8 aircraft in its fleet, Southwest has the broadest current domestic use of the MAX 8. A representative for Southwest told TIME that the aircraft serves the airline’s entire market. According to analysis by travel research website, some of the common Southwest 737 MAX flights include:

  • Las Vegas to Houston-Hobby

  • Washington-Dulles to Denver

  • Nashville to Phoenix

  • Dallas Love Field – Denver

  • American Airlines has 24 Boeing 737 MAX 8 in its fleet. Thepointsguy website determined that the most common routes for the plane originated from Miami International Airport. They include:

  • Miami to New York-LaGuardia

  • Miami to Boston

  • Miami to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

TIME verified that Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft are scheduled for use on at least some flights on the above routes.

Boeing 737 MAX 8: What to know

Cautious fliers may have a hard time avoiding the MAX 8 for much longer. Carriers across the globe continue to update their fleets.

Boeing’s 737 MAX 8 is the latest generation of the ubiquitous 737 model, and has only been in commercial use since May 2017. Currently, there are roughly 350 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in use by airlines across the world, including the MAX 8 and its variants (the MAX 7, 9 and 10). However, many more 737 MAX aircraft are expected to start flying soon. As of January 31, 2019, 4,661 orders for 737 MAX aircraft have been made to Boeing by commercial airlines and are waiting to be fulfilled, according to the company.

Read Full article here.

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Boeing: Which airlines use the 737 Max 8?

Hidden Castles in Europe: Straight Out of a Fairy Tale

The castles dotting the European landscape are each worthy of their very own fairytale. These magnificent structures have survived wars, fires, dozens of generations, and stood the test of time.

From the Greek Islands to the rocky cliffs of Scotland, each castle brings with it hundreds of years of human history, and perhaps a ghost story or two. And while most are built with brick and stone, their individual stories are all unique and intriguing for visitors from the world over to enjoy.

Step back in time by visiting any one of these romantic homes that kings and queens once called home to feel like a royal, even just for a day. Here are 20 lesser-known castles scattered throughout Europe that belong on every traveler’s itinerary.  For Full article, click here.

For these and other exciting destinations, please click here

Madrid | Austria | Japan | Romania | Sweden

Vacaciones en Grecia desde $2695 por persona*


11 Dias Abril 27 a Mayo 07, 2019. Precio por persona desde $2695por persona*


  • Boleto aéreo Miami/Atenas/Miami

  • Traslado Aeropuerto-Hotel Aeropuerto

  • Recorrido en autocar con guía de habla hispana

  • Seguro básico de viaje

  • Maletero

  • 09 noches de alojamiento

  • Ferry: Atenas-Mykonos con traslados,Mykonos Santorini

  • Traslados,Santorini-Atenas con traslados.

  • Vista Panoramica en: Atenas

  • Traslado Nocturno: Barrio de la Plaka enAtenas

  • Traslado: al puerto de Santorini

  • 1 Almuerzo o Cenas Incluida en: Kalambaca

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Puerto Vallarta - insider Travel Tips
puerto vallarta.jpg

As the polar vortex barrels down and blasts parts of the U.S. with record-setting low temperatures, it’s time to escape to warmer climes. Consider heading south to Puerto Vallarta, which is basking in 80-degree days this winter. To get some pointers on where to go and what to do, the folks at Forbes Travel Guide talked to Miguel Dorado, chief concierge of Forbes Travel Guide Four-Star Casa Velas Puerto Vallarta and a 35-year...Read full article.

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  • Boleto aéreo Miami/Tel Aviv/Miami con impuestos.

  • Recepcion, asistencia por nuestro representante en el Aeropuerto Ben Gurion y traslado a Tel Aviv.

  • 7 noches de alojamiento en los hoteles mencionados en base media pension (desayuno y cena)

  • 6 dias de excursiones segun el itinerario adjunto

  • Entradas a los lugares que se visitan segun el programa adjunto

  • Guia licenciado de habla hispana desde la llegada y hasta la salida

  • Autobus de lujo con aire acondicioando y wifi

  • Maleteros en los hoteles

  • Traslado de salida y asistencia en el aeropuerto.

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Punta Cana - Preventa Verano 2019! Reserve con solo $100!

Reserve con solo $100!

8 dias y 7 noches - todo incluido. 

Salidas desde Miami a Punta Cana en vuelo directo: Sabados y Domingos. 


  • Ticket Aéreo Miami-PUJ-Mia. 

  • Hotel Plan Todo Incluido en hoteles 4 y 5 estrellas 

  • Traslados de Llegada y Salida 

  • Impuestos Incluidos 

  • Aplican Términos y Condiciones.

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Visit Venice Italy - it is certainly a unique place to visit.

Venice is the city that stretches across 117 small islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy. Famous for its waterways, canals and bridges it is certainly a unique place to visit. Want to know when is the best time of year to visit Venice? Call for free information 305-888-7738 #venice #veniceitaly #venicevacations #venicetours

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Thanksgiving travel for the record books!

AAA is estimating that more than 54 million Americans will travel next week and that could set a record. The sky will be packed for the holiday.  TSA predicts 54 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more this year and TSA expects a record number of airline passengers. US airlines are planning for 30.6 million people to travel.   TSA officials anticipate the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the Sunday after the holiday will be the busiest. but say they're ready to meet the demand. For those planning to hit the road, travel times in the most congested cities could be as much as four times longer than normal. With drivers in San Francisco New York City and Boston seeing the longest delays.  It will also take more time to get to the airport extra time, pack a little extra patience and serenity. TSA officials say they continue to deal with persistent security threats they're asking travelers to report suspicious activities, and Congress for more money to help keep passenger safe.

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Freestyle Cruising In Europe.

Enjoy a Mediterranean Cruise in style! 

With exciting cruises to the cool Baltic Capitals, the warm Mediterranean or the ancient ports of Egypt & the Greek Isles, Norwegian will take you there in style – your style. Unpack once and sail aboard Norwegian's innovative ships. Plus, Norwegian offers more dining choices than any other cruise line in Europe with extended hours to give you more time ashore.

Freestyle Cruising® in Europe:

• Your vacation begins in some of Europe's most exciting cities
• More dining choices than any other cruise line in Europe with extended
dining hours to give you more time ashore.
• Itineraries range from four days to over two weeks
• Unpack once, giving you more time to relax and experience all that Europe has to offer.

cruise - pricing.JPG

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Destination ideas for Christmas and New Years Holidays!  Part 2.

Click here to read part 1


New York, United States.

Image credits:

Since 1907, each end of year, millions of people travel and gather to say goodbye to the year. With the great "ball" of New York Times Square that descends counting to start a new year. The celebrations begin seven hours before midnight in the streets, with live shows of both street artists and celebrities.

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Viña del Mar, Chile.

Image credits: Valpo davidohl bueso/flikr

It is the corner where travelers enjoy luxurious tourism in the new year. New Year's shows begin 30 minutes before midnight to receive a new year. This show has been held for 60 years along the Bay of Valparaiso and is the largest in Latin America. It is very common to rent boats, go on a cruise or attend a beach party to enjoy the fireworks.

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San José, Costa Rica.

Image credits:

The capital of the tropical country during the first days of December, it enjoys the tradition of illuminating the whole city. The great Christmas tree that is in the Children's Hospital is lit, the facade of the Children's Museum is also illuminated at the same time as fireworks are thrown. They have a quirky evening parade with music bands and themed floats of light and colour, with positive messages for everyone and especially for the children.

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Sydney, Australia.

Image Credits:

The Australian city's fireworks show demonstrates every year an impressive show with the Opera House and the bay with festivities all over. The number one show given at midnight is the one that bids farewell to the year and lasts about fifteen minutes with all kinds of fire displays. It is a tradition to see these shows from the Botanic Gardens, where admission is free.

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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Image credits:

Copacabana is the place to give a very good welcome to the new year. Known worldwide, the beach visitors parties to the rhythm of samba with drum shows in the acclaimed Reveillon. The Reveillon is a fun carioca party where fireworks and good music are assured to make the start of your year, Brazilian style. And if you are up for it, you can also be part of the tradition and eat seven grapes, throw flowers to the sea, enter it and jump three consecutive waves, so that your next year this loaded with good luck.

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Destination ideas for Christmas and New Years Holidays!  Part 1.

With the holidays fast approaching, one of the best investments that you can do, without a doubt is to know every corner of the world. Traveling alone, with friends or family to celebrate the holidays has become almost a new tradition.

This year's trends range from tropical destinations to much colder climates. Countries in Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and Asia are new this season.

Queenstown, New Zealand.jpg

Queenstown, New Zealand.

Image Credits:

If the traditional doesn't catch your attention and you are looking for a different destination, Christmas in Queenstown is for you. A city where you can enjoy nature, extreme adventure such as skydiving, bungee jumping, rafting, speed boating. The market Arrowtown Plunket organizes each year a Christmas market to raise funds, where you can find handicrafts, clothing, jewelry and accessories.

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Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland..jpg

Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

Image credits:

We already had Disneyland as a magical world but what about the town where Santa lives. Travelling at Christmas to Rovaniemi is quite an adventure. The routes are made in sleds pulled by Siberian huskies. Depending on the climate, the most beautiful aurora borealis are enjoyed. The villages are decorated as a fairy tale, everything is almost intentionally put together to live the experience of Christmas.

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Prague, Czech Republic..jpg

Prague, Czech Republic.

Image credits:

If you are looking for a romantic Christmas, Prague is the ideal place to walk distilling love for the Charles Bridge. Snow decorates the entire city, castles and statues turn the atmosphere into a film. Medieval houses, small craft shops and flea markets are all decorated. Prague is the city that can make you fall in love at any time of the year, especially at Christmas.

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Disneyland Paris, France.

Image credits: disney

Disneyland itself is a magical entertainment and at Christmas time the magical world is prepared with spectacular shows since November. One of the most famous is the Parade tour where the Disney Christmas Parade takes place. Every day in the afternoon, it begins with Mickey, Minnie and Goofy dressed with Christmas theme, floats decorated with Christmas decorations, followed by the biscuits of gingerbread men. And to finish the parade, Santa Claus and his reindeer in his own sleigh.

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Cartagena de Indias, Colombia.

Image credits:

The city of culture, with mystical beaches, parties and a delicious gastronomy. Cartagena de Indias is renewed every year in the parties from exclusive shows in the most famous hotels to parties on the beach where you can appreciate the fireworks. In the center of the city and wherever, the party is present during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. The social heart of the city is the Plaza de Santo Domingo. In this area, you will find plenty of restaurant bars, cafes, terraces and clubs that offer unique nights. You will find an opportunity to take great pictures along the way.

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Cancelled fight? Here are some ways you can handle it like a pro.

Anger, desperation, panic—they’re the range of emotions rippling through your body when you hear the most dreaded news in travel, “Your flight has been canceled.”

At first, the sentence seems like an impossibility. Airlines have hundreds of aircraft, right? Even if yours goes down for the count, they could just send another one, right? Sadly, the airline industry doesn’t always work that way. For major airlines, substituting malfunctioning aircraft for another plane already at a major hub is standard procedure; but often, travelers on budget airlines or those flying out of smaller airports find themselves facing a cold reality. Bags packed and beds booked, a flight cancellation can leave you stranded at the terminal, all dressed up with nowhere to go.  Full Article here.

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Sail the Caribbean with Norwegian Cruise Line

Feel free to sail the Caribbean with Norwegian Cruise Line. You have the choice of 4, 5, 6, and 7 day from Miami. Enjoy spectacular entertainment onboard, superb dining, various types of accommodation, including The Haven by Norwegian, and thrilling onboard activities. That is why we are the Caribbean’s Leading Cruise Line.


Book today by calling 305-888-7738.

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Navidad y Año Nuevo - Madrid, Barcelona & Paris DESDE $2483!

Vacaciones desde Diciembre 23 and 2 de Enero, 2019.Disfrute de 11 dias de vacaciones y visite Madrid, Barcelona & Paris.

Incluye boleto aereo desde Miami. Ademas traslados, alojamiento, guia de habla hispana, escursiones diarias, desayuno diario tipo bufett y mucho mas.

Precio incluye:

  • Boleto aéreo Miami/Madrid, Paris/Miami con impuestos incluidos.

  • Traslados Aeropuerto Hotel Aeropuerto

  • Recorrido en autocar con guia de habla hispana

  • Seguro basico de viaje

  • Desayuno tipo buffet

  • 9 noches de alojamiento


Visita panoramica en: Madrid, Barcelona, Paris

Excursion: Versalles en Paris

Traslado nocturno: Plaza Mayor en Madrid en Madrid, Fuente Magica de Montjuich en Barcelona en Barcelona

Traslado: Barrio de Montmartre en Paris

Entradas: Monasterio de Poblet (no incluido en los meses de invierno) en Poblet

Funicular: Monasterio de Montserrat en Montserrat

Tren alta velocidad: Barcelona- Paris en clase turista con traslados hasta y desde Ia estacion en Paris


Para mayor informacion, llamenos al 305-888-7738.

Disfrute el Fin de Año en Tailandia por solo $2,985 P/P

Con boleto aereo, translados, desayuno diario, alojamiento, comidas, paseo en elefante, visita a los templos y mas!

Fecha: 12/29/2018 to 01/08/2019

Costo: Desde $2,985

Highlight: Safari en lomos de elefante!

Entradas: Gran Palacio Real en Bangkok

Templo Blanco Wat Rong Kun -Templo de Los Monos en Lopburt

BOLETO AÉREO DESDE MIAMI - Traslados, alojamiento, Guia de habla hispana, excursiones diarias, desayuno diario.

Precio incluye:

  • Boleto aéreo Miami/Bangkok/Miami con impuestos incluidos

  • Traslados Aeropuerto Hotel Aeropuerto.

  • Recorrido en autocar con guia de habla hispana.

  • Seguro basico de viaje.

  • 8 noches de alojamiento.

  • Desayuno tipo buffet.

  • Visita panoråmica en Bangkok.

Excursion: Safari a lomos de elefante, Tribu mujeres Jirafa y visita a una plantacion de orquideas en Chiang Mai, Encuentro con tribus Akha; Excursiön al Triängulo de Oro en Chiang Rai.

Traslado nocturno: Restaurante tradicional en Chiang Mai

Entradas: Templo Wat Po, Wat Benjamabophit, Gran Palacio Real en Bangkok, Templo Doi Suthep en Chiang Mai, Safari a lomos de elefante en Chiang Mai, Museo del Opio en Chiang Rai, Templo Blanco Wat Rong Kun en Chiang Rai, Parque Arqueolögico en Sukhotai, Templo de los Monos en Lopburi, Conjunto arqueolögico en Ayuthaya.

Vuelos incluidos: Bangkok- Chiang Mai en Bangkok

Comidas: 5 Almuerzos Incluidos en: Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Sukhotai, Lopburi .

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Bogota - Last Minute Sale $279 USD

Fall in love with the South American Culture!  Book now and before September 10, 2018 and fly to Bogota for just $279 USD.  Roundtrip in Economy Class from Miami, taxes included. 

Other Exciting Destinations: (Book by September 10, 2018) 

  • GUATEMALA CITY - non-stop flight from USD 349 round trip.
  • SAN PEDRO SULA - non-stop flight - from USD $399 round trip
  • SAN JOSE via Guatemala City and/or San Salvador from USD $399 round trip
  • MANAGUA non-stop flight from USD $449 round trip
  • TEGUCIGALPA via San Salvador and/or San Pedro Sula from USD $499 round trip
  • ASUNCION via Lima From USD $529 round trip
  • SÃO PAULO via Bogota and/or Lima from USD $699 round trip
  • MONTEVIDEO via Bogota and/or Lima from USD $699 round trip
  • MENDOZA via Lima from USD $699 round trip
  • SANTIAGO DE CHILE via Bogota and/or Lima from USD $799 round trip
  • BUENOS AIRES via Bogota and/or Lima from USD $799 round trip

Travel date restrictions

To São Paulo: between December 15 and 23, 2018, between January 2 and 14 and between February 25 and March 10, 2019. From São Paulo: between December 10, 2018 and January 15, 2019 and between February 27 and March 3, 2019.

To Santiago de Chile: between September 23 and 25 and between December 14 and 23, 2018. From Santiago de Chile: between September 13 and 16, 2018 and between January 2 and 13, 2019.

To Bogota: between December 14 and 23, 2018. From Bogota: between January 2 and 8, 2019.

To Asuncion, Montevideo, Mendoza or Buenos Aires: between December 14 and 23, 2018 and between January 18 to 28, 2019. From Asuncion, Montevideo, Mendoza or Buenos Aires: between December 14, 2018 and January 13, 2019.

To Central America: between December 14 and 23, 2018. 

From Central America: between January 1 and 10, 2019.

Other restrictions may apply. Contact Tours and Tickets at 305-888-7738 for more details. 

10 Day - November Vacation To Dubai - Package Starts $2,237!
Dubai Offering2.png

10 Day - November Vacation To Dubai - Package Starts $2,237! Includes Desert SAFARI, Cruise Dinner & Show, visits To Modern and Historic Dubai, excursion to the East coast of Fujeirah.

Cities include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjan and Ajman.

Includes Air fare from Fort Lauderdale & Transfers. Accomodations, guides with hispanic information, daily excursions. Daily Breakfast Buffet and more!

Book or inquire today by calling 305-888-7738 or contact us today

7 tips for traveling to Europe

Every time we see closer the possibility of traveling to Europe without having to go through the paperwork, payments and nerves that bring a visa. This means that it will open the way to one of the most desired places by hundreds of travelers, of all ages, who are already making plans to discover some of the 26 countries of our eastern neighbor.

Take our advice into account and design the trip to your liking:

1. Choose the season of the trip well

Undoubtedly the most complete season to visit Europe is the summer, between May and September, when you can travel light.  There are shows and art shows in the squares and parks, the sun hours are extended and one can meet people from all the world that are in the same plan.

This can make it the most expensive season in terms of tickets, but if you search with secure weather you will find options at very good prices. Most of these flights make one or two stops, but they do not even feel the thrill of the holidays that are coming. In addition, during the summer, there are hundreds of festivals around the continent, most of them from different genres that also bring together other types of artists, and in these links you will find a good selection:

Another benefit of this season, taking into account how expensive it can always be to eat at a restaurant, is that you can often prepare your food with fresh food.  Then, have a picnic in any green space you find along the way and continue your journey.

2. Buy your tickets in advance

Currently, this is the best way to find good prices when moving from one place to another, either by plane, train or bus.

Each of these options has its benefits.  This is the case of low cost airlines that are able to reach their destination in a short time at a value that can be as low as 30 euros the journey. That is, assuming that you can carry little luggage.  Which are one of the benefits of traveling in summer, since in addition to your personal bag, you will have to pay for each additional suitcase. In Europe, in you are looking to travel to multiple countries in Europe, be sure to ask us on package deals. Also, if your dream is to travel by train and enjoy the scenery, there are also very good rates if you make the purchase with about three months in advance. Another advantage of this means of transport is that the stations are located in the city centers, which will surely be 'your center of operations'.

3. Carry euros, not dollars

The exchange rate is always changing, but something fixed a few years ago is that the euro, being a stronger currency, has a value higher than the dollar. if you plan to buy with a credit card, you will be charged a very high rate plus taxes. The best thing is to make this change directly in your country, looking for the inter exchange office that offers better exchange rates and that is reliable. Be cautious, change a little more than you think in your budget and do not worry if you return from the trip with a few extra euros, you can always sell them to someone who is traveling.

4. Reserve your accommodation with time

Unless carp and sleeping are the most important items in your luggage, getting to look for lodging is not a good idea.

The trend in travel and tourism, even for backpackers, is to book your accommodation in advance and get the best prices. And now most hotels, hostels and B&B are part of hotel search engines and reserve their best rates for online reservations.  The important thing in this case is to review the comments of other travelers, so you know what to expect when you arrive minimize surprises. Also, check the web pages or Facebook of the places for greater security.

5. Be a public transport expert

Most European countries have very organized public transport systems, made up of metro and urban buses whose routes complement each other, which can become the best allies during your trip.

At the beginning, it can be a bit overwhelming, with the amount of people, metro lines and names of unpronounceable stops. So the best thing is that before venturing, ask for a small induction at your hotel or at the tourist offices. Often times, they can give you maps to get you around. They will give you very complete maps, advice and instructions, so that in a matter of days you will be an expert. Please know that here only stops are made at established stations and schedules are met almost perfectly.

One important tip: Taxi fares are really high, so unless you have a good budget allocated for transportation, avoid them altogether. And do not worry about your arrival at the airport, you can always take a subway from there to the city center.

6. Get free tickets to museums and cultural centers

The entrance to this type of places, which for many is the main reason to travel Europe, can be very economic and even free if you are looking for promotions or discount days.

First, make a list of the places you want to visit and enter their web pages. There you can see the rates and their conditions, such as two for one on certain days, free Sundays or discounts with some credit cards. In addition, there are portals, articles and museum guides where you will find several tips to take advantage of the best rates.  Portals such as the official tourism website in Paris, guide Rome, travel insurance to Europe, ABC and Low Cost Guide. Of course, in those days you must prepare to make long lines because you will not be the only one to follow these tips.

7. Visit restaurants outside the tourist area

Yes, the tourist areas are beautiful, full of color and diversity, gastronomy of the world and great joy. This is precisely because they are designed for you to want to stay there and consume their products, which are usually the most expensive.

Food can be one of the most expensive aspects of a trip to Europe, but with some tricks, you can lower costs and continue enjoying its delicious cuisine. As we already mentioned, one of the richest plans in any European destination is to spend a few hours in a square or park, picnic with breads, cheeses, sausages or canned vegetables (which you can find in local markets) and enjoy a deserved rest.  But if you’d prefer to sit and ask for something more elaborate, it would be better to leave the perimeter where everyone comes from another place in the world and enjoy the daily flavor. This is an experience that for a tourist, would be completely new. Another good option is to order the menus of the day, instead of a la carte dishes, which usually cost much less.

For more recommendations or suggestions for a safe tour, contact us for a quick quote on the best tours to Europe.

15 Things you should know before traveling to China

Basic information that every traveler should know before visiting the Asian giant.

China is a beautiful and fascinating country.  But it can also be very overwhelming, (especially for those traveling there for the first time).

Currently, the number of visitors from all over the world visiting China is increasing, mainly attracted by its history, culture and food and the number visiting is increasing. But even though there are cities that have have adapted to handle a large influx of visitors ( Beijing or Shanghai being an example) there are still many places that can be complex for the average traveler.

Are you planning to travel to China?  If so, we will like to share 15 of the things you need to be aware of before visiting this great country:

1. Check on your visa documents beforehand

The main point to keep in mind before going to China is to consult and process the visa, since this is nearly to get it once you arrive there.

Fortunately the application is not that difficult to fill out.  Some agencies will even help you will do this for you. What can take a bit of more work is that you must get the invitation of a Chinese acquaintance or have a well-defined travel itinerary (dates, hotel reservations, plane tickets), but otherwise it's simple to take care of.

Just so that you know, there are about 18 cities that can be visited without a visa for 72 hours.

For more information, check with the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country.

2. You will need a passport for everything

Have your passport always handy.  In China, to book hotels, buy plane tickets, train or bus, they will ask for your passport.

One thing that you can do is to scan your passport and save it in your email.

In case of any eventuality, it is always a good idea to have a copy of your passport and other important documents in case they get lost. The replacement will be easier.

3. Beijing and Shanghai and just one of the many destinations that exist in China.

Many visitor opt to go straight to the big cities like Beijing or Shanghai and disregard the rest.  It is certainly worth it to go to these cities, but there are also many other interesting locales offered by the country. Keep in mind that that China is the 3rd largest country in the world.There are literally hundreds of places throughout the territory worth visiting.

4.  It is cheap and expensive at the same time

Although it sounds contradictory, China can be very cheap and at the same time expensive. One scenario could be that you can spend a few cents on a full meal, but in another scenario, you can pay up to $30 to get into a museum or monument.

This also applies to transportation, lodging, transportation and more.

5.  It is advisable that you learn some Chinese (Mandarin)

The vast majority of the population does not know how to speak English (Even though it is being taught in the majority of Chinese schools.  But you must learn at least the most basic phrases to communicate.

Many languages re spoken in China. Although Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers and is obligatorily taught in all schools in the country, there are other important languages nd dialects in common use such as Wu (Shanghai and Hangzhou) and Cantonese (Hong Kong).

6. Technically not communist

The political system in China is quite complex. But in general terms, despite the fact that the idea that China is a 'communist country', in reality it is not like that at all. So what system does China have?

Like most countries in the world, China has a mixed economy; that is, there is free market but there is also a government control in many other areas.

The country adopted capitalism with a more socialist approach, but a single party system (the Chinese Communist Party).

7. Prepare to pay cash

In hotels, chain restaurants and train stations they may accept your credit card as a form of payment, but in other places, only cash is taken. So be prepared for that.

8.  Let your bank know that you are traveling to China.

It is of vital importance to notify your bank when you go abroad so that the cards do not block you. This is even more important if you travel to China.

For security reasons, if you travel to this part of the world, it is very likely that the first bank transaction in China will get blocked by your bank. In most cases, you can your bank card reactivated it within 48 hours.  But in the meantime, you can lose valuable time of your trip trying to solve it, if you are not prepared for this potential eventuality.

9. Haggle and haggle some more.

Bargaining is very normal. There is the thought that prices may be intentionally inflated so that you can bargain.  Whether or not this is true, once you haggle you can save a few RMB’s.

10. The food is delicious

Chinese food is one of the most varied and delicious that you can eat in the world.

With a long history and tradition, Chinese cuisine is famous for its color, aroma, flavor, meaning and appearance. Although what we consider to be 'Chinese food' that is sold in the West is quite good, it does not reach the level of the authentic one.

By the way, food made with dogs and cats is not common in China. Only in small areas of Canton you can get meat from these animals but it is something very rare. The Chinese government is even considering banning consumption throughout the territory.

11. Yes, there are many tourist scams.

In recent years, with the boom of international tourism, tourist scams have grown exponentially.  How to discover them? If someone comes to you to sell you a suspicious tourist tour, it most likely is a scam.

12. Giving tips is not accustomed. 

In China, as in other Asian countries, it is not customary to tip.

Restaurant from Western Chain Hotels may accept your tip, but in general they do not expect it.

13. Beware of Chinese copies

Everything that we can find around us - from consumer electronics products to furniture - are made in China. There is the wrong notion that 'everything that is done in China is of poor quality. This is false. But, what is certain is that there are still cheap copies of poor quality.

If you are in China and want to buy something, try to avoid markets, because the chances are high that what you are buying there may be copies of the original.

Cell phones and watches are among the most counterfeited products you can find.

Take precautions.

14. Some web pages you visit may be blocked

Many foreign foreign websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube are blocked on the Internet in China. Some foreigners may need to have to access these websites during the trip. You may opt to use a VPN.

In the tourist areas of big cities, the Chinese government's firewall is more benevolent and you can enter these pages without problems. But outside of these places, you will need some virtual network service.

15. Do not be shy

The Chinese are very kind people and willing to help. Although communication may be a problem, even with signs or drawings they can understand you.

And if they ask you to take a picture with them, do not worry.  They are like that. The Chinese love taking pictures!

And finally: Enjoy the trip! China is a great country that you will surely love.  Let yourself be surprised and live the moment.