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Now is the time the buy if you want to fly. 
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Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are just around the corner.  And now is the time to buy if you want to fly. It's definitely not too early to book travel for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year. In fact, historical data shows that nearly a quarter of Travelers book their Thanksgiving airfare by the end of September.  But we are now in October and the window of opportunity to buy at the best possible rates is closing up. 

Many travel experts say that many of the advantages of booking early include a better chance of getting the hotel or flight you want at a better price.  It is a matter of supply and demand and as we get closer we get to the holidays, we always see airfare continue to increase in price. If flying into one of the bigger cities, considering alternative Airports have better flight times, less delays and easier access to traffic to and from the airport a few days before and after the actual holiday can be an economical way to go. And if you're planning to use reward points for say a hotel stay you definitely need to get that book now. 

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11 recommended travel destinations for 2019
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Travelers are gearing up for the summer and making plans to travel out of town. We recommend that travelers plan ahead and book early to get the best of your vacation experience.

Clients reach out to ask what are some recommended destinations for this summer? Here you have what is considered the top Summer Travel Destinations for 2019:

This year’s trends are about as typical as it gets.  Many travelers choose theme parks as part of their vacation destinations, especially for family vacationers. This year, new attractions are being unveiled at Universal Orlando and Walt Disney.  Therefore, this year, it continues to be a top draw. This does not discard the top destinations such as Rome, London, Paris and Dublin. They still as desired as ever.

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