7 tips for traveling to Europe

Every time we see closer the possibility of traveling to Europe without having to go through the paperwork, payments and nerves that bring a visa. This means that it will open the way to one of the most desired places by hundreds of travelers, of all ages, who are already making plans to discover some of the 26 countries of our eastern neighbor.

Take our advice into account and design the trip to your liking:

1. Choose the season of the trip well

Undoubtedly the most complete season to visit Europe is the summer, between May and September, when you can travel light.  There are shows and art shows in the squares and parks, the sun hours are extended and one can meet people from all the world that are in the same plan.

This can make it the most expensive season in terms of tickets, but if you search with secure weather you will find options at very good prices. Most of these flights make one or two stops, but they do not even feel the thrill of the holidays that are coming. In addition, during the summer, there are hundreds of festivals around the continent, most of them from different genres that also bring together other types of artists, and in these links you will find a good selection:

Another benefit of this season, taking into account how expensive it can always be to eat at a restaurant, is that you can often prepare your food with fresh food.  Then, have a picnic in any green space you find along the way and continue your journey.

2. Buy your tickets in advance

Currently, this is the best way to find good prices when moving from one place to another, either by plane, train or bus.

Each of these options has its benefits.  This is the case of low cost airlines that are able to reach their destination in a short time at a value that can be as low as 30 euros the journey. That is, assuming that you can carry little luggage.  Which are one of the benefits of traveling in summer, since in addition to your personal bag, you will have to pay for each additional suitcase. In Europe, in you are looking to travel to multiple countries in Europe, be sure to ask us on package deals. Also, if your dream is to travel by train and enjoy the scenery, there are also very good rates if you make the purchase with about three months in advance. Another advantage of this means of transport is that the stations are located in the city centers, which will surely be 'your center of operations'.

3. Carry euros, not dollars

The exchange rate is always changing, but something fixed a few years ago is that the euro, being a stronger currency, has a value higher than the dollar. if you plan to buy with a credit card, you will be charged a very high rate plus taxes. The best thing is to make this change directly in your country, looking for the inter exchange office that offers better exchange rates and that is reliable. Be cautious, change a little more than you think in your budget and do not worry if you return from the trip with a few extra euros, you can always sell them to someone who is traveling.

4. Reserve your accommodation with time

Unless carp and sleeping are the most important items in your luggage, getting to look for lodging is not a good idea.

The trend in travel and tourism, even for backpackers, is to book your accommodation in advance and get the best prices. And now most hotels, hostels and B&B are part of hotel search engines and reserve their best rates for online reservations.  The important thing in this case is to review the comments of other travelers, so you know what to expect when you arrive minimize surprises. Also, check the web pages or Facebook of the places for greater security.

5. Be a public transport expert

Most European countries have very organized public transport systems, made up of metro and urban buses whose routes complement each other, which can become the best allies during your trip.

At the beginning, it can be a bit overwhelming, with the amount of people, metro lines and names of unpronounceable stops. So the best thing is that before venturing, ask for a small induction at your hotel or at the tourist offices. Often times, they can give you maps to get you around. They will give you very complete maps, advice and instructions, so that in a matter of days you will be an expert. Please know that here only stops are made at established stations and schedules are met almost perfectly.

One important tip: Taxi fares are really high, so unless you have a good budget allocated for transportation, avoid them altogether. And do not worry about your arrival at the airport, you can always take a subway from there to the city center.

6. Get free tickets to museums and cultural centers

The entrance to this type of places, which for many is the main reason to travel Europe, can be very economic and even free if you are looking for promotions or discount days.

First, make a list of the places you want to visit and enter their web pages. There you can see the rates and their conditions, such as two for one on certain days, free Sundays or discounts with some credit cards. In addition, there are portals, articles and museum guides where you will find several tips to take advantage of the best rates.  Portals such as the official tourism website in Paris, guide Rome, travel insurance to Europe, ABC and Low Cost Guide. Of course, in those days you must prepare to make long lines because you will not be the only one to follow these tips.

7. Visit restaurants outside the tourist area

Yes, the tourist areas are beautiful, full of color and diversity, gastronomy of the world and great joy. This is precisely because they are designed for you to want to stay there and consume their products, which are usually the most expensive.

Food can be one of the most expensive aspects of a trip to Europe, but with some tricks, you can lower costs and continue enjoying its delicious cuisine. As we already mentioned, one of the richest plans in any European destination is to spend a few hours in a square or park, picnic with breads, cheeses, sausages or canned vegetables (which you can find in local markets) and enjoy a deserved rest.  But if you’d prefer to sit and ask for something more elaborate, it would be better to leave the perimeter where everyone comes from another place in the world and enjoy the daily flavor. This is an experience that for a tourist, would be completely new. Another good option is to order the menus of the day, instead of a la carte dishes, which usually cost much less.

For more recommendations or suggestions for a safe tour, contact us for a quick quote on the best tours to Europe.

15 Things you should know before traveling to China

Basic information that every traveler should know before visiting the Asian giant.

China is a beautiful and fascinating country.  But it can also be very overwhelming, (especially for those traveling there for the first time).

Currently, the number of visitors from all over the world visiting China is increasing, mainly attracted by its history, culture and food and the number visiting is increasing. But even though there are cities that have have adapted to handle a large influx of visitors ( Beijing or Shanghai being an example) there are still many places that can be complex for the average traveler.

Are you planning to travel to China?  If so, we will like to share 15 of the things you need to be aware of before visiting this great country:

1. Check on your visa documents beforehand

The main point to keep in mind before going to China is to consult and process the visa, since this is nearly to get it once you arrive there.

Fortunately the application is not that difficult to fill out.  Some agencies will even help you will do this for you. What can take a bit of more work is that you must get the invitation of a Chinese acquaintance or have a well-defined travel itinerary (dates, hotel reservations, plane tickets), but otherwise it's simple to take care of.

Just so that you know, there are about 18 cities that can be visited without a visa for 72 hours.

For more information, check with the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country.

2. You will need a passport for everything

Have your passport always handy.  In China, to book hotels, buy plane tickets, train or bus, they will ask for your passport.

One thing that you can do is to scan your passport and save it in your email.

In case of any eventuality, it is always a good idea to have a copy of your passport and other important documents in case they get lost. The replacement will be easier.

3. Beijing and Shanghai and just one of the many destinations that exist in China.

Many visitor opt to go straight to the big cities like Beijing or Shanghai and disregard the rest.  It is certainly worth it to go to these cities, but there are also many other interesting locales offered by the country. Keep in mind that that China is the 3rd largest country in the world.There are literally hundreds of places throughout the territory worth visiting.

4.  It is cheap and expensive at the same time

Although it sounds contradictory, China can be very cheap and at the same time expensive. One scenario could be that you can spend a few cents on a full meal, but in another scenario, you can pay up to $30 to get into a museum or monument.

This also applies to transportation, lodging, transportation and more.

5.  It is advisable that you learn some Chinese (Mandarin)

The vast majority of the population does not know how to speak English (Even though it is being taught in the majority of Chinese schools.  But you must learn at least the most basic phrases to communicate.

Many languages re spoken in China. Although Mandarin is the language with the most native speakers and is obligatorily taught in all schools in the country, there are other important languages nd dialects in common use such as Wu (Shanghai and Hangzhou) and Cantonese (Hong Kong).

6. Technically not communist

The political system in China is quite complex. But in general terms, despite the fact that the idea that China is a 'communist country', in reality it is not like that at all. So what system does China have?

Like most countries in the world, China has a mixed economy; that is, there is free market but there is also a government control in many other areas.

The country adopted capitalism with a more socialist approach, but a single party system (the Chinese Communist Party).

7. Prepare to pay cash

In hotels, chain restaurants and train stations they may accept your credit card as a form of payment, but in other places, only cash is taken. So be prepared for that.

8.  Let your bank know that you are traveling to China.

It is of vital importance to notify your bank when you go abroad so that the cards do not block you. This is even more important if you travel to China.

For security reasons, if you travel to this part of the world, it is very likely that the first bank transaction in China will get blocked by your bank. In most cases, you can your bank card reactivated it within 48 hours.  But in the meantime, you can lose valuable time of your trip trying to solve it, if you are not prepared for this potential eventuality.

9. Haggle and haggle some more.

Bargaining is very normal. There is the thought that prices may be intentionally inflated so that you can bargain.  Whether or not this is true, once you haggle you can save a few RMB’s.

10. The food is delicious

Chinese food is one of the most varied and delicious that you can eat in the world.

With a long history and tradition, Chinese cuisine is famous for its color, aroma, flavor, meaning and appearance. Although what we consider to be 'Chinese food' that is sold in the West is quite good, it does not reach the level of the authentic one.

By the way, food made with dogs and cats is not common in China. Only in small areas of Canton you can get meat from these animals but it is something very rare. The Chinese government is even considering banning consumption throughout the territory.

11. Yes, there are many tourist scams.

In recent years, with the boom of international tourism, tourist scams have grown exponentially.  How to discover them? If someone comes to you to sell you a suspicious tourist tour, it most likely is a scam.

12. Giving tips is not accustomed. 

In China, as in other Asian countries, it is not customary to tip.

Restaurant from Western Chain Hotels may accept your tip, but in general they do not expect it.

13. Beware of Chinese copies

Everything that we can find around us - from consumer electronics products to furniture - are made in China. There is the wrong notion that 'everything that is done in China is of poor quality. This is false. But, what is certain is that there are still cheap copies of poor quality.

If you are in China and want to buy something, try to avoid markets, because the chances are high that what you are buying there may be copies of the original.

Cell phones and watches are among the most counterfeited products you can find.

Take precautions.

14. Some web pages you visit may be blocked

Many foreign foreign websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube are blocked on the Internet in China. Some foreigners may need to have to access these websites during the trip. You may opt to use a VPN.

In the tourist areas of big cities, the Chinese government's firewall is more benevolent and you can enter these pages without problems. But outside of these places, you will need some virtual network service.

15. Do not be shy

The Chinese are very kind people and willing to help. Although communication may be a problem, even with signs or drawings they can understand you.

And if they ask you to take a picture with them, do not worry.  They are like that. The Chinese love taking pictures!

And finally: Enjoy the trip! China is a great country that you will surely love.  Let yourself be surprised and live the moment.

The 10 Best Luxury Places To Visit In Europe

Our staff at Tours and Tickets love traveling ...of course! 

Traveling to Europe is just one of those destinations that you have to experience.  Below, we will show you 10 spectacular and luxurious places in Europe.

1. Oia

Oia is a small town in Greece where you can see the best sunsets of your life and the most beautiful white houses with blue roofs!

2. Zurich

A beautiful Swiss city that will delight you with its beautiful landscapes and its rich restaurants.

3. Salzburg

The incredible castles and the countless historical monuments that you will find in this city of Austria will leave you speechless!

4. Vienna

Capital of Austria. We recommend that you to arrive by car from Salzburg, where you can see a path full of nature interspersed with different and important historical monuments.

5. Sylt

German Island where the sun abounds, luxury and entertainment!

6. Munich

If you want a truly distinguished trip, you can not miss this city called by many as 'the mini New York of Europe.

7. Cannes

The best events, restaurants and walks take place in this important and elegant city!

8. Lech

A luxurious and distinguished German ski center.Hotel-Bellevue-in-Lech

9. Paris, Rome, Milan, Venice and Amsterdam

One of the few large European cities that are full of glamor, charm and elegance!

10. Lake Como

An Italian lake full of spectacular houses and beautiful landscapes. If you go there, try renting a boat and walk through this spectacular place full of charm!

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Bora Bora is situated approximately 140 miles (225km) northwest of Tahiti, in the western Leeward group of the Society islands of French Polynesia. It is part of the Society Islands
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to describe it.”

Bora Bora is known for It is a rugged, volcanic, mountainous island. It features a large lagoon surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and islets. In the Tahitian language, the pronunciation is closer to Pora Pora, and is commonly translated to mean “first born”.

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