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The 10 Best Luxury Places To Visit In Europe

Our staff at Tours and Tickets love traveling ...of course! 

Traveling to Europe is just one of those destinations that you have to experience.  Below, we will show you 10 spectacular and luxurious places in Europe.

1. Oia

Oia is a small town in Greece where you can see the best sunsets of your life and the most beautiful white houses with blue roofs!

2. Zurich

A beautiful Swiss city that will delight you with its beautiful landscapes and its rich restaurants.

3. Salzburg

The incredible castles and the countless historical monuments that you will find in this city of Austria will leave you speechless!

4. Vienna

Capital of Austria. We recommend that you to arrive by car from Salzburg, where you can see a path full of nature interspersed with different and important historical monuments.

5. Sylt

German Island where the sun abounds, luxury and entertainment!

6. Munich

If you want a truly distinguished trip, you can not miss this city called by many as 'the mini New York of Europe.

7. Cannes

The best events, restaurants and walks take place in this important and elegant city!

8. Lech

A luxurious and distinguished German ski center.Hotel-Bellevue-in-Lech

9. Paris, Rome, Milan, Venice and Amsterdam

One of the few large European cities that are full of glamor, charm and elegance!

10. Lake Como

An Italian lake full of spectacular houses and beautiful landscapes. If you go there, try renting a boat and walk through this spectacular place full of charm!