Asia is one of the exciting tourist destinations of the world, where you can have a great time exploring the different cultures of each country.  will provide you with the basic and general information on the continent of Asia that will make your tour of Asia convenient.

Asia is the largest continent in the world, and is also the most populous continent. 60% of the world's human population resides in Asia. The continent is known for its diverse population and is a land of varied cultures. Asia covers 8.6% of the Earth's total surface area, or 29.4% of its land area. The major oceans that surround Asia include the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. The continent of Asia is known for its diversity and variety and covers a wide range of climatic areas, ranging from the northern temperate to southern temperate zones.

Asia culture is also diverse. Asia is home to different classes of people, each having their individual culture, custom, dress, food habits and festivals.

Some of the countries of
Asia are well connected by rail and road. Countries like Japan, China, and India have very good transportation networks within each country. Countries sharing borders are well connected by rail and road such as India, Bangladesh and Pakistan

Water in
Asia is generally safe for consumption. However it would be advisable for you to opt for bottled or purified water. Police in most countries in Asia are very helpful towards the tourists.